About Custom Trade Solutions

Our Vision

Securing America's International Supply Chain.


Our Mission

We provide services to U.S. Importers, Carriers, Brokers and Companies who manufacture products abroad to import safely and efficiently.


Our Process

We assess existing supply chain and recommend improvements. We ensure all U.S. Customs supply chain security regulations are met. We also strengthen existing security and logistics procedures.


Our Clients

Custom Trade Solutions has helped a variety of companies including U.S. importers, Licensed Customs Brokers, Maquiladoras, Cross Border Carriers, etc...

  • Ricoh USA

  • Taylor Guitars

  • Globe Trade Services 

  • Fletes Esquer

  • Atlas Division Transporte 

  • Motorcar Parts of America

  • Induspac Tijuana

  • Carl Zeiss Vision

  • Thomson Industries

  • Brady Worldwide

  • Duran Freight Corporation

  • Ricoh Logistics

About Lyes Sadoudi

Lyes Sadoudi, CCS is the founder and principal consultant of CUSTOM TRADE SOLUTIONS, a San Diego, California based firm.  He is a Supply Chain Security Specialist and an authority on the U.S. Federal Custom-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) program.  The U.S. Federal Government launched C-TPAT in 2001, in response to the 9/11 terrorist act.  Since then, Lyes has helped hundreds of clients receive and maintain this coveted designation.  Lyes’ goal is to help his clients enhance their ability to import & export and move freight seamlessly over the Mexico and Canada borders, saving precious shipping time and expenses. 

Lyes has a strong supply chain and international business background.  His business and life experience enables him to work with people from various cultures and environments.  He was raised in France and is fluent in English, French and Arabic.  Employed in Paris, France as a Marketing Manager, for the world renowned import/export company, InterLAND SARL, he facilitated the import and export of automotive goods and supplies to European, the Middle East and African markets. In the U.S., for an Otay Mesa firm, he supported hundreds of clients moving materials over the U.S. – Mexico border.  Lyes is fluent in English, French and Arabic. He graduated from Jeanne d'Arc College in Champagnole, France, majoring in marketing.  He traveled extensively for InterLAND SARL and during his military service with the French Army.  As part of his military service, he served in peacekeeping missions in Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1996 and was awarded the NATO Medal.

Lyes is available to provide you with the best support for your C-TPAT needs. Please contact him at (619) 752-0201 or email him at  lyes@customtrade.us


Our Clients Testimonials:

"Mr. Sadoudi was our consultant during our C-TPAT certification process. His knowledge, practical sense and availability, helped our team achieve this goal and earn a 103% on our Validation Report!" - Ricoh Baja, S.A. de C.V.

"We want to thank Mr. Lyes Sadoudi for his superior service with our C-TPAT registration. We appreciate the excellent service Mr. Sadoudi has given us and the prompt responses to our inquiries." - Pan Asian Chemicals, Inc.

"Lyes Sadoudi has been helping us with our C-TPAT since our enrollment and certification in 2003. His assistance in our numerous validations over the years has been very valuable". - Jose Luis de la Fuente President, Atlas Division Transporte

CUSTOM TRADE SOLUTIONS is a proud member of the following organizations

  • Otay Mesa Chamber of Commerce

  • San Diego Customs Brokers Association

  • SCORE San Diego Chapter


Our Clients