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Our C-TPAT Services

C-TPAT Enrollment

Custom Trade Solutions offers you one of the best C-TPAT enrollment packages to ensure a successful C-TPAT certification. With its knowledge and experience, Custom Trade Solutions can guide you through the intricate C-TPAT requirements and can assist you with an outstanding service.

Custom Trade Solutions will assess your international supply chain and will provide you with professional feedback and recommendations. We will gather, review and analyze all critical data and information pertaining to your supply chain and submit on your behalf the most complete and accurate C-TPAT application to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

We will also review all your internal processes and guide you in strengthening your practices to protect your employees, assets and your company.

C-TPAT Validation

CUSTOM TRADE SOLUTIONS has assisted dozens of companies successfully pass the C-TPAT Validation. We help companies prepare for the validation and provide U.S. Customs with the necessary supporting documents.

We have assisted dozens of companies in their validation with a 100% success rate.

C-TPAT Maintenance

CUSTOM TRADE SOLUTIONS understands that enrolling in C-TPAT is important but maintaining the certification is even more crucial to any company. Our maintenance services will help you seamlessly implement all C-TPAT and Supply Chain Security requirements.

C-TPAT Reinstatement

With the professional assistance of CUSTOM TRADE SOLUTIONS, companies can re-apply to be reinstated in C-TPAT. We assist preparing all the necessary procedures to ensure your re-instatement in C-TPAT and getting your benefits back.

C-TPAT and Supply Chain Security Training

The most fundamental requirement of C-TPAT is to provide your employees with Supply Chain Security Training on a regular basis. CUSTOM TRADE SOLUTIONS will provide general training to all employees and additional specific training to  shipping and receiving personnel, security guards and cross border drivers.